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2019 State of the Y

Good afternoon and thank you for joining us for our thirty second Annual Meeting of the Door County YMCA.  Ryan has asked me to briefly share with you the state of the Y program in Door County.  In a word, I can tell you that the YMCA is healthy and continues to be on a good trajectory to continue to serve our children, families, adults and seniors well into the future.   In a moment I will share with you the high points of the past year of operations for our YMCA. But first I would like to extend a special thank you to the volunteers and staff who have made our success possible.

I want to thank Ryan Hoernke for his exceptional service to our Y as he has served as the Chair of our Board.   One of the most enjoyable parts of my job is working with able, passionate and committed volunteers. Ryan is more than busy with his family and his work but he always finds time to help our Y.  Please join me in thanking Ryan for his exceptional service. 

I would be remiss if I did not thank all twenty three members of our Board of Directors for their service.  This past year has been an exceptionally busy time as we have worked to continue the implementation of our strategic plan.  Without  a strong and engaged Board we would not be realizing the great results I will share with you this evening.   Please know that their service is appreciated and valued.

I also want to take a brief moment to thank our staff who maintain our facilities, lead our programs and provide the administrative support to keep our program preforming well.  Every other Friday we issue pay checks to over 200 individuals who work from several hours per week to more than fulltime.  If you add all the hours our staff works  during the year our Y has slightly more than 100 fulltime employees with an annual payroll of over $2.4M.  This means that we are one of the top fifteen largest employers in the County.  I continue to proud to work with a staff team who shows up every day believing that if they do their job well they will have helped to change lives in very positive ways.

It is easy to gauge success by looking at the numbers.  And tonight we can share impressive numbers.  This month for the first time in our history our membership surpassed the 8,800 mark.  That means that about one in three residents in the County are Y members.  This is exceptional market penetration.  Having said that, we believe we can continue to grow our membership.

In our fiscal year ending on May 31st, we completed our sixth consecutive year where revenues exceeded expenses in our general operations.  Your Y has a an annual budget of more than $4.3M

Once again last year we raised over $500K in our Annual Campaign effort.  In fact, the $538K which we raised was an all-time record.  The importance of a successful Annual Campaign cannot be overstated as these dollars allow our Y to continue its commitment to serve all without regard to financial ability.  Of our 8,800 members, about 1,200 are very quietly fee assisted.

This summer our day camps in Fish Creek and Sturgeon Bay served  about 120 children each week day for twelve weeks.

Each day, year round our Barker Child Care Center welcomes and serves about 82 of very youngest members which allow Moms and Dads to work knowing their children are safe and in good care.

Our Summer Foods Program, now in its seventh year of operations, delivered nearly 500 lunches and snacks, each day this summer, to children from Algoma to Fish Creek at twelve different sites.

130 children participated in our Swim Team program.  1,175 young people registered swim lessons.  About 90 young girls were active in our gymnastics program.  A record 105 young athletes took part in our summer Peak Performance training program.

Our adult programming continues to grow at both program centers.  2,110 adults were registered in regularly scheduled fitness classes this past year.  And the list goes on.

But at the end of the day, numbers do not tell the most important story.  Buildings are tools, programs are opportunities.  Good numbers in the absence of intentional good work is a missed opportunity.

We have been, and will continue to be very intentional in our commitment to instilling positive values in our young people.  We will remain focused on the importance of character and leadership development.  The Y will continue to focus on encouraging and developing healthy lifestyles.  The importance of lifting our participant’s sense of self-esteem and self-worth will not be ignored.

Finally I would be remiss if I did not share with you that we are now working on the early stages of a capital development effort to improve the Sturgeon Bay facility in the same manner we renovated and expanded the Northern Door facility three years ago.  We have a plan which will provide more program space for our ever growing membership, make the facility more accessible for families and our members and guests with special needs and provide more social spaces for our growing senior population.   We will keep you informed of our progress in the months ahead.

I hope that you share our pride in the work that your YMCA does every day.  The good news is that the future continues to be bright for the Y program in Door County.  We will not become complacent and lose our focus.

In closing I want to thank you for being members, donors, advocates and friends of the Door County YMCA.   Our YMCA has truly become the community centers for children, families, adults and seniors.  Please know we appreciate all you do for the Y and we look forward to greeting you often at the Y during the next year.  Have good evening and enjoy the remainder of our program.

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Tom Beerntsen, CEO