5:30 PM, Thursday, August 15th, 2019 | YMCA Peterson Park Sturgeon Bay

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2018 State of the Y

“The State of the Y Report” presented by Tom Beerntsen, CEO, Door County Y

 Good afternoon and thank you for joining us for the 31st Annual Meeting of the Door County YMCA.  I am pleased to report to you today that the Door County YMCA this past May completed an exceptional year of service to the communities and villages throughout our county.  Our membership reached all time high numbers and our program became more extensive in terms of offering we made to individuals of all ages.

Before I provide a high level review of the past year of programming at the Y I want to take a brief moment to thank the YMCA Board of Directors and staff for their exceptional service and engagement this past year.  In addition to reaching all time membership numbers, this past year we enjoyed one of our very best years in financial performance. Just about one year ago we completed a Strategic Plan to guide our work and focus our energies.  This planning effort was led by two of our Board members, Glenn Timmerman and Jackie Kane. The plan is forward thinking, focused and aggressive. The reality is we do not have the luxury of being just an average not-for-profit. Our members deserve exceptional services, in clean facilities provided with first class customer service. Anything less than that is not acceptable.  Pretty good is simply not good enough.

This past year your Board has worked closely with our staff to meet the expectations of the strategic plan.  For the most part we have succeeded in meeting our first year objectives. I do want to take this moment to thank the Board for their passion for and commitment to the Y.  Our Executive Committee which includes: Ryan Hoernke, Don Helm, Cindy Livingston, Jon Pinkert, Jane Hillstrom and Steve Abrahamson has worked closely with the Board and staff to keep us all on track and working toward common goals.  So to our Board, on behalf of the members of the Y and our staff, I want to thank you for your exceptional service.

I would also be remiss if I did not mention the contribution our staff makes each day as we work to serve our members and the larger community.  Every two weeks we issue more than 200 hundred paycheck to individual who work from a few hours each week on our part time staff to members of our full time staff who work way too many hours in any given week.  I have this privilege of working with a team who show up every day believing that by the time they head home they will have had a positive impact on our Y friends and neighbors. So to our staff I want to again say thank you for all you do each day for our Door County YMCA.

I am pleased today to tell you that from a program and operations perspective we did have an exceptional year.  A few highlights of our year include:

  • Our membership at one point in July exceeded 8700 members. That means that about one in three residents of our County are members of your YMCA

  • We once again raised more than $500,000 through our Annual Campaign to insure that we have the funding to honor our promise to serve all regardless of ability to pay the full cost of participation

  • About 1200 of our members receive some degree of financial assistance.  Door County is not a wealthy county and there are needs in our communities which are not always apparent.  You should be comforted to know that we are working hard to make certain the Y is a place where everyone is welcomed

  • Our members and guest this past year made nearly 300,000 visits to our two program centers, that is about 25,000 visits per month

  • Revenues once again exceeded operational expenses this past year as our operating budget once again exceeded $4M

  • Our Swim Team attracted about 130 swimmers and received regional, State and National attention for the exceptional quality of the program

  • Our gymnastics program and team involved about 100 young ladies and two of our team members won National Titles at the Y Nationals

  • Our Summer Foods Program which is now in its 7th year will serve between 25,000 and 30,000 lunches and snacks this summer, which is more than 400 per day, at 12 locations including 2 new sites in Fish Creek

  • Our Barker Child Care Center continue to provide quality care for about 90 children which allows Moms and Dads to work knowing their children are safe and in good care

  • Our Day camp programs involved about 100 children each week during the twelve weeks of summer.  As you know, for many parents day camp is the source of child care during the summer and the Y provides this first class service to the community

  • This past year we provided more than 700 health and wellness classes which attracted more than 8000 participants

  • 1000  individuals of all ages participated in swim programs at our two program centers.

  • This past year we started a Diabetes Prevention Program which is now accepting enrollment for a third class and the program is showing great results as we work to improve the health of our community

And I could go on and on with details on our programs.  But at the end of the day, our work is not about budgets and program numbers but it is about the impact we have on the lives of the people who enter our facilities and attend our programs.  

I have been around the YMCA in one way or another for more than 50 years and I am of the belief that what we are doing as an organization today is more important than ever before.  I have thought often time this past year about our commitment to building character and instilling the values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility in individuals of all ages.  We were fortunate this past year to receive three Character Development Learning Institute grants from Y USA, totaling nearly $60,000 to help our Y focus on how we can be build character and instill positive values in our young people.

I could not be more proud of our YMCA and the people I work with each day as members, Board members and staff. You should leave here this evening feeling proud because your YMCA;

  • Is committed to instilling positive values in folks of all ages

  • Believes in the importance of family and works each day to bring families together

  • Is welcoming to all regardless of financial ability, race or religious preference and

  • Continues to be a place which believes in the unlimited potential of our children and adults

Thank you again for joining us for our Annual Meeting and thank you for your support of the Y as members and donors.  I hope you share our pride in what has been created in Door County through the YMCA over the past 31 year. What we have done together is truly special.

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Tom Beerntsen, CEO