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Sturgeon Bay Program Center



Ages 3.5 through 5.5

KinderCubs fatures beginning gymnastics, including tumbling, low bar, beam and trampoline. We also include songs, games and emphasis on the YMCA core values. This popular class ensures your child will burn energy, learn new skills and have fun at the same time! 




Ages 4 to 6

This is a program for children who have mastered the Kindercubs class. Children age 4 must complete KinderCubs prior to registering for Kindergymnastics. Basic body positions, swinging, rotating, balance, flexibility, strength and agility are introduced. The emphasis of KinderGYMNASTICS is the BASICS of the sport. Children will learn beginning skills and terminology associated with the sport of gymnastics. Children ages 4 through 6 must complete KinderGYMNASTICS before moving on to Progressive Gymnastics.



Progressive Level 1

Ages 6+

This is the first development level of the YMCA's progressive gymnastics program, and in many ways it is the most important! This level lays the basic foundation of gymnastics and then begins to build skills to an intermediate skill level. Balance, repulsion, amplitude form and style are addressed. 



Progressive Level 2

Ages 6+

The intermediate skills become more refined in this level. Execution is addressed and the gymnast is transitioning to a higher level of understanding the sport. Level 2 continues to build on previous progressions and development. 



Progessive Level 3

Ages 6+

This level is designed to concentrate on refining all skills and routines related to the Competitive levels 3 through 10. It is designed to fine tune all skills and routines needed to be a competitive gymnast. The YMCA Strivers team begins its competitive program at Level 3. Upon the completion of learning Level 3 routines, gymnasts can be invited to compete on the Strivers Competitive Gymnastics Team.



Strivers Team Time

Ages 6+

For members of the Strivers Gymnastics Team or any other competitive team gymnast.