Swim Lessons

Swim Lessons

The Door County YMCA offers a range of swimming lessons for children ages 6 months to 16 years old. Parent/Child classes are a great way to bond with your child. Children get to experience water games, basic movements and skills as well as build confidence in the water. Preschool lessons allow your child to float solo in a nurturing environment. This program provides swimmers of all levels a small class setting giving them more one-on-one time with our fun and talented instructors!


You may see that our names have changed with new levels added. Please use the guide below to compare our previous program to our new YMCA Swim Lessons to determine which level is appropriate for your child.


Swim Lesson Stage Chart


SWIM STARTERS Ages 6 months - 36 months
Led by an instructor, get in the pool with your child and learn lifesaving information. Build memories through games that teach your child pre-swim skills while achieving comfort in the water. Pre-swim skills include basic water movements such as kicking, arm strokes, and breath control. Focus in this level is on comfort and movement in the water. Technical form is not yet introduced. Swimmer must be at least 6 months old on first day of class and be able to control head movement.

Stage A -b


SWIM BASICS Preschool Age 3-5 Years & Youth Age 6-12 Years

Learn personal water safety and achieve basic life-saving swim skills.


Stage 1-1+ Stage 2-3


SWIM STROKES Preschool Age 3-5 Years & Youth Age 6-12 Years

 Stage 4-5


SWIM & BOARD Ages 6+

(Northern Door)

This class is designed for those who are challenged with basic breath control and body control skills in the water. The class addressed the breath control first and then we move into body control through use of surfboards, boogie boards, kick boards, fins, and towing. The class tools we use make the program somewhat non-traditional, however, use of the surfboard not only promotes getting the swimmer into a more streamlined body position, but when the swimmer paddles, can train the brain and muscles in the proper arm stroke technique for front crawl, butterfly and with modifications, breaststroke. Classes can be adapted and created for traditional, autistic, or special needs individuals.



(Northern Door)

(Minimum of 2, maximum of three in each class)

If you would like your child to get extra attention on specific skills that are challenging to them, this is a great opportunity for your child to work in a small group setting with one of our instructors. There will be more time to focus on specific challenges with your swimmer or you may just want your child to get some extra practice in.



Pre-Competitive Swim

A great introduction to the DCY Swim Team, Dolphin Club is designed for swimmers, with no previous competitive experience, to get a taste of commitment, skills and all the fun that goes along with being a part of a team!

  • Must be able to swim 1 length of the pool non-stop freestyle
  • All age groups will be determined by the swimmer’s ability
  • Dolphin Swim Club members are eligible to swim at home meets for 



Competitive Swim

The DCY Swim Team is a program that provides complete year-round swimming for all levels.  The Team provides opportunities for swimmers who are interested in being part of a team that can help them reach their full swimming potential.  The Door County YMCA Swim Team has a strong history of excellence not only in Wisconsin.  We are also a program nationally recognized through several national level swimmers.  The DCY Swim Team is designed to meet the needs of swimmers with a wide range of ages, experiences, and abilities.  Participation on the DCY Swim Team develops not only swimming skills, but also sportsmanship, work ethic and team spirit while emphasizing fun.

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