Developing Elite Athletes Physically & Mentally

Peak Performance Clinic | Entering Grades 7-12

If you truly aspire to be an exceptional athlete, you have to start training like one. The Peak Performance Clinic is based on 20 physical challenges daily, recorded in individual training log books. Each athlete measures improvement and progression every day. With $9,000 of the best equipment available, this training is the most challenging, demanding and effective program you can attempt. 

The focus of Peak Performance is to develop an athlete with essential skills necessary for elite athletics. We train to improve in agility, speed, endurance, acceleration, deceleration, vertical power, and muscular power/endurance. We have progressions for each skill, up to Olympic training level.

Daily Challenge: We start each day at 7:00a with squats, push-ups, and core work, followed by a timed run. Splitting into 3 groups, you will rotate every 35 minutes for 3 sessions. The 3 sessions include the Speed/Agility Challenge site-Lower, the Power/Endurance Challenge site-Upper, and the weight room for specific sport focus.

**Over 30 scholarship athletes have trained in this program, with proven success and performance every year in every sport. Commit yourself - commit to 6 weeks of great training and start out next fall with exceptional performance and fitness levels. With the huge advantage of training 4 days per week, along with a tradition of proven successful National level coaching, we see tremendous gains in skill levels.

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Peak Junior Performance Clinic | Entering Grades 4-6

Much like Peak Performance as an athlete you will become more agile, faster, stronger and build a powerful foundation for your future in athletics. Avoiding injury with better technique, form, and strategy is essential for long-term athletic success. The Peak Performance Junior Clinic is based on 15 physical challenges daily, recorded in individual training log-books.

The focus of Peak Performance Junior is to improve technique and form in basic movement patterns and greatly improve overall body strength and balance. We train for improvement in agility, speed, endurance, and muscular strength/endurance. We have progressions, games and challenges for each skill.

Daily Challenge: We start each day with a Core, Squat, and Push-up Challenge. After running progression, we will split into 2 sessions, the Speed/Agility Challenge, or the Power/Endurance Challenge. 

**With awesome equipment and great activities, combined with proven, highly successful coaching and leadership, you will have fun develop a strong and superior foundation for future success! 

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