Preschool Learning

Sturgeon Bay Program Center

Busy Babies

Newborn to Walking
This parent/baby class brings finger play, music, play and friendship into your baby's day. Parents must attend to babies at all times. No siblings unless age appropriate.



Walking to 2
This NEW parent/child class is for toddlers exploring their new world walking and learning about the environment in a different way. Parents must participate with child at all times. No siblings unless age appropriate.


Tumble Tots

Ages 2-3
If you are looking for a bit of creative movement and toddler gymnastics, this parent/child class is for you and your little one! Parents must participate with children at all times. No siblings unless age appropriate.

Wee Read & Wiggle

Ages 3-4
This is a great first class without a parent that includes rhythm games, songs, and story time. Gross motor skills and coordination will be developed, as well as social interaction and listening skills. Class is short and sweet but includes a lot of fun!



Ages 4-6
Beginning gymnastics, including tumbling, low bar, beam and trampoline. We also include songs and games which emphasize YMCA core values. This popular class ensures your child will burn energy, learn new skills and have fun at the same time!



Northern Door Program Center

Kiddie Kenetics

Walking to 2

This highly interactive class creates the perfect atmosphere to get the youngsters moving with the sounds of music. Jumping, running, tumbling and rolling are all fair game. All we ask from you is to bring plenty of your child's unused energy to spend!