Important Information: Parents of Swim Lesson Participants

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An Important Letter to Parents of Youth Enrolled in the Youth Swimming Lessons:  

Thank you for making the decision to register your child in the YMCA Swimming program and allowing  us to teach your child one of the most important life skills! Here are some important items for you to review before registering your child in any swim class:  

  • If you have never had your child enrolled in a class prior to this session or if they have taken an  extensive break from swimming lessons, please speak with the Aquatic Director to determine  where the best placement for your child would be.
  • If you are uncertain as to what level your child would be in, you are welcome to request a  swimming test or demonstration to allow the Aquatic Director to help place your child in the most appropriate class.
  • If your child has just completed a session, is currently enrolled in a class, or has taken a class  within the last year, please ask the instructor, who is currently or has worked with them, what  class would be recommended for them to take next session.
  • If your child has taken a class and the recommendation is not what you feel your child should be in or you are uncertain why the child may be recommended to be in a certain level, please speak with the instructor. There may be one or two skills that still need to be worked on before they would be able to participate fully in the next level.
  • If you feel as though your child is not striving or succeeding in the group lessons and needs more guidance or help with swimming, please speak with the Aquatic Director about the possibility of participating in private or semi-private lessons.  


It is critical that your child is registered for the most appropriate class for their abilities. We only want your child to succeed and continue to improve in their skills. A student enrolled in a level that is too easy or lower than what is recommended, they may not do well  and could easily become bored. If the child is in a level that is too advanced for them, they could become discouraged and refuse to participate, or could potentially delay the other students in that class from improving or working on their own skills. In the event you register your child for a class not best suited for them, there is a slight possibility of transferring them to another class, however, there might not always be space in another level at the start of the sessions. This is why it is so important  to make sure your child is in the best class suited for their skill level.  

If you have any questions in regards to registration or need guidance, please contact the Aquatic Associate or Aquatic Director at the branch you intend to register at, and they will be happy to assist you.  


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