Personal Training

By working with a trainer, you will receive instruction and encouragement to push yourself further than you can imagine. You will get more than just a challenging workout; you'll be taught how to exercise effectively and safely to achieve your goals, rehabilitate injuries and become a new you!


Ultimately, we hope you can become your own Personal Trainer, having the confidence and motivation to take charge of your own health and well-being. You will love the energy you feel after a great workout with our trainers, and the satisfaction of making fitness a priority in your life!


Personal Training Rates

• Free consultation

• (1) 60-minutes session or (2) 30-minute sessions

Member: $60.00


Package Options

(3) 60-minute or (6) 30-minute sessions of training $155 (save $15)

(6) 60-minute or (12) 30-minute sessions of training $295 (save $45)

(10) 60-minute or (20) 30-minute sessions of training $455 (save $110)


Please note that Membership For All program discounts does not apply to personal training pricing.

Virtual Personal Training


Virtual Personal Training at the Y brings motivation, accountability and coaching directly to you at your location, with your available equipment (or household items), on your time. You will experience one-on-one expert coaching with a Certified Personal Trainer via video chat that is designed to assist you in achieving your health and wellness goals. Personal Training Kits with resistance bands and dumbbells are available. 


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