Monthly Auto Pay or Annual Payment (your best savings!)

Monthly Auto Pay - the ultimate in convenience with no contract. Provide a checking or savings account or debit/credit card and your monthly fee will be deducted each month. When joining, you will pay the pro-rated current month and joiner fee. The membership will then run calendar-month-to-calendar-month with automatic payments starting the next month after joining. 


Annual Payment - make one payment for a full year. To calculate the annual pay rate, multiply the monthly rate by 12 months and add the joiner fee (if applicable).


Please note:

  • Changes to your membership need to be communicated to the Y no later than the end of the month.
  • Go on hold during months that you're gone (or won't be using the Y) for a low $5/month fee and not re-pay the joiner fee. There's no minimum or maximum number of months for this option. Memberships that terminate will need to pay the applicable joiner fee when rejoining.
  • Up to a $35 returned payment fee may apply to returned payments that occur from a bank account or debit card if sufficient funds are not present on the day of your draft.


Youth Birth through high school None $18.50
Young Adult Age 18 (out of high school) through 29 None $40.00
Adult Age 30 through 64 $50.00 $54.00
Household Two adults and dependents claimed on taxes $50.00 $79.75
Senior Age 65 and older $50.00 $48.00
Senior Household Senior couple (age 65+) OR one senior
and one adult plus dependents claimed on taxes
$50.00 $71.50

Did you know? Financial assistance for our monthly draft/annual pay memberships is available through our Membership For All (MFA) program.  Learn more here.

Daily Passes


A daily pass is valid for the calendar day of purchase only.


Youth Birth through high school $8.00
Adult Age 18 (out of high school) and older $14.00
Household Two adults and dependents through age 23 $21.00

10-Visit Flex Pass


  • A punch card - consisting of 10 visits - can be purchased for either individual (age 18+) or household (parents and dependents claimed on taxes) use.
  • Once purchased, the flex pass expires one year from the date of purchase regardless of unused punches. It cannot be refunded or exchanged for any reason after purchase.
  • The pass must be presented during each visit to be redeemed and punched.
  • Only the name(s) listed on the card can present it for redemption.
  • An individual pass visit cannot be credited or combined towards a household daily pass purchase or vice versa.
  • Passes cannot be tracked or replaced if lost.



  • Individual (age 18+) - $120
  • Household (parents and dependents claimed on taxes) - $180