Father-Daughter Ball



The Father-Daughter Ball is a heartwarming event where dads - or father-like figures - and their daughter(s) create cherished memories together. It's a magical evening filled with music, dancing and laughter that provides a special opportunity for fathers to bond with their daughters in a formal setting. The atmosphere is elegant, with dads and their daughters "dressed to the nines" - creating a fairytale-like ambiance. It's a time for father figures to show their daughter(s) how loved and cherished they are and for daughters to feel like princesses in the arms of their doting dads.

This year's Barbie-themed event will feature carriage rides, a professional photographer and - of course - dancing! Register online or by phone - 920.743.4949. Cost is $40 per couple and $10 per each additional child.


Are you interested in volunteering? Reach out to Volunteer Coordinator Josh Oberndorfer at 920.743.4949 to learn more.




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